Kitchen Envy


At Kitchen Envy, we believe the right designer is skilled at helping you
assess your needs and coaxing forward your vision of the perfect kitchen.

Design and Installation

We understand that you might not always feel sure about what you want,
so we work hard to help you realize that vision and then deliver it back
to you with a design that ensures your dream becomes a concrete, lasting reality.

Our design process comprises three phases:

  • Consultation

    We believe in setting a tone of mutual accountability, which is why our first meeting is by appointment only. Typically, we'll come to your location to discuss the scope of your project. We'll take preliminary measurements either in the space or from your plans, as well as take plenty of "before" photos if you're renovating. Most importantly, we'll ask a lot of questions. We want to help you articulate a design vision that best fulfills the purpose of your kitchen based on the way you live. We'll also discuss your budget as well as our fee structure and contract, and provide you with a clear picture of what to expect throughout the process.

  • Planning and Design

    Knowing how you intend to use your new space helps us lay out the design, narrow your product choices, assemble a realistic delivery schedule, and devise a kitchen/cabinetry solution that best suits your style and budget. We'll create drawings that place value on function, aesthetics, and, above all, comfort – to create a functional living space that perfectly suits your personality and lifestyle. Our goal here is to provide you with a clear visual representation of the end result.

  • Construction and Installation

    Whether your project is a remodel or a fresh build, you'll never have to concern yourself with micromanaging the details of installation. From start to finish, we offer full project management services, including coordination with all industry professionals, including architects, contractors, interior designers, and any other vendors you choose to work with. Our goal is to make you feel confident every step of the way, and thrilled to have chosen Kitchen Envy as the envoy of your kitchen dreams.