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Angie Mateus

Angie Mateus

Kitchen & Bath Design Assistant

Deep roots and diverse travels shape the way Angie Mateus approaches kitchen and bath design at Kitchen Envy.

Angie earned her degree in Architectural and Engineering Technology from the Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the United States in 2004.

She is bilingual in Spanish and English and loves to travel any time she’s not working hard on actualizing her clients’ dreams.

Her ethos of perseverance and commitment to detail reflect her pragmatic, positive attitude. Angie doesn’t take the opportunities to live out her dreams for granted and views her vocation as a tangible way to positively impact the world around her.

Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Morocco and Venezuela are among Angie’s favorite global destinations. She enjoys seeing how cultures and individuals shape their environments to create home life through common and sacred spaces – and how infrastructure development impacts the human experience.

Angie balances a knack for diving deep into the functionality of a space with never losing vision of the individuals for whom the space is being created.

She truly enjoys designing at Kitchen Envy, because everyone’s feedback is valued, and their teamwork produces excellent, client-centered results.